I currently live in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. I studied art and photography at an accredited University. My passion is combing bright colors and images upon a blank canvas to evoke passion and emotion in the eye of each individual viewer.

I put my heart and soul into each artistic painting I create. My paintings are unique and extremely colorful. My hope is for my work to bring inspiration and meaning to any space the buyer
ends up hanging it.

To me, art is not just a painting, but a permanent inspiration to all who love it.


Festivals around the USA

The love of color and fun is main inspiration for my paintings.

Sunset at the County Fair “Sunset at the County Fair”

Sitting on a grassy hill with my dog watching the seaside county fair wind down while the August sun sets on the horizon.

Dragon Boat Summer Festival “Dragon Boat Summer Festival”

My colors and shapes were inspired by the beautiful unusual hues seen in the various shows, art, people, and whimsical fun experienced at the this annual fair.

Splashes of a Rainbow “Splashes of a Rainbow”

A beautiful full rainbow directly over a lonely country highway my husband traveled directly after a violent downfall of rain.