Rae Broyles

Broyles’ landscapes dissolve into dreamscapes through a gorgeous synthesis of dreaminess and reality. Inspired by literature, sounds, scents and nature, her work is a myriad of tactile expressionism often arrived at through the feelings of classic literary works.

Acrylic, polymer, oil, pastel, spray-painting, finger painting, brushwork and drawing are utilized at the artists’ choosing as the piece evolves.
Jennifer Carvalho-Bindi 2014
Director- SEA Contemporary

"I believe my work is successful in proportion to my courage and honesty. In these recent works, intent is married with spontaneity and it is important to me that the energy that I feel while I create art is evident in the final piece. The result of the unexpected variations invites the viewer to experience the variable nature of my painting process. I also hope to offer the opportunity to use one's own imagination while experiencing these pieces. My process and materials are my motivation but I also succumb to the thought that I am but a vessel trough which creativity flows; putting down on the canvas the images that exist in the universe but and have yet to be physically realized."

Painting as a profession dates to 15th century Denmark in Raes’ family
lineage. Born in Chicago to illustrator Raymond Raedel, a student of Norman Rockwell, Rae went on to study illustration and painting at the preeminent Rhode Island School of Design and The American Academy of Art in Chicago. She has also studied in the South of France and under the mentorship of Michael David, whose work is in the permanent collections of The Guggenheim Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Broyles’ acclaimed work has been featured in galleries throughout the country, most notably with Bill Lowe Gallery and Anne Irwin Fine Art in Atlanta (where the artist currently resides.

For when all is said and done, the very fabric of the universe, which we can contemplate in the vast spaces of heaven, so resplendent with their shining stars, in the earth at its centre, girdled by the seas, varied with mountains, rivers and valleys, and adorned with so many different varieties of trees, lovely flowers and grasses, can be said to be a great and noble painting, composed by Nature and the hand of God. Baldassare -An excerpt from Baldassare Castiglione, The Courtier