Irina Gretchanaia

Irina Gretchanaia

Location: Canada

Born in Kishinev, Moldova
Irina Gretchanaia discovered her passion for painting while studying Design at Ryerson University in Toronto. After graduating, she worked in the industry for a number of years and then moved to Barrie, to become an artist and teacher. After exhibiting for only 4 years, she sold her artwork internationally to private collectors and she's been under the spotlight in her community ever since. Irina's favorite medium is oil and the impact of colour, contrast and attention to detail is her signature.


2013 Artwork

This collection is inspired by nature, close-up flowers and landscapes

Morning Haze “Morning Haze”

Fog in my landscapes adds mystery

Pure Destiny “Pure Destiny”

Close up Poppy, short lived in nature and long lived on canvas

Lorain's Poppy “Lorain's Poppy”

Loraine is my neighbor and has the most amazing garden full of flowers! White poppies are my favorite!