Alanna Buelow

I own a coffee house and an online store, am an artist and mother of 2. There is always something to do and new ideas to explore.

I like several genres of artwork and draw inspiration from a variety of sources including my daily life and music. I generally use oil paint on canvas but also mediums such as charcoal and colored pencils as well as other surfaces. I tend to gravitate towards bold, high contrast concepts and these materials allow me to do that. I use the medium and material that best applies to what I’m trying to create.

My mind always seems to be going 100 mph. Painting, drawing, etc gives me an outlet to express myself and focus my train of thought. I’ve always been an artist but in the last several years I have been selling my artwork to others. This was a difficult switch for me. Often when I put a lot of work into a piece I just want to keep it for myself. The context of the piece is something that has significant meaning to me. I like to do custom work for clients because it is geared towards them from the beginning and I’m not tempted to want to keep it.

I have a wide range of themes in my artwork and no two pieces are ever the same. Honestly I don’t pay attention to famous artists. I don’t want to emanate someone else’s style, I have my own. I prefer to create art based on things I see and feel in real life. I want to make a path for myself without following others.

I’m trying to get my artwork out into the public and make a living doing what I love. I like viewers to make their own interpretations of my work. If I can create something that has meaning to someone other than myself, it gives me a bigger sense of pride in my work.

You can see examples of all the work I do at or shop my online store at


Recent Work

This is a portfolio containing images of my recent work completed. Thank you for looking.

Cosmic Music “Cosmic Music”

original oil painting on 16x20" canvas