Steve Duprey

I've been painting in my mind for more years than I can say, but something always held me back; an indescribable hesitancy, a nagging idea that I wouldn't be great, be good or even be competent. So I continued on with my chosen field of artistic endeavor; the theatre. I directed play after play, I still do, designing the sets, placing the props and manipulating the actors as if they were...paint on a canvas. I never recognized this at the time. It's only now, as I reflect on the events of the past few years, that I see it clearly. It wasn't until that fateful Christmas when my wife presented me with the various tools of the trade; easel, brushes, paint and canvas; and whispered lovingly in my ear those unforgettable words "There. Now shut up and paint," that I began this journey. I expected to fail, expected to fall and fully expected to pack away my new toys within a matter of weeks.
I was wrong.
Soon I was painting every day. I explored styles in acrylic painting and soon found one that spoke to me, resonated with my inner earth child. My wife and I own a cabin in the middle of nowhere (actually it's on the top of a hill in Prattsburgh, NY) and I have always felt a strong connection with nature and the earth. So it was natural for me to gravitate towards landscapes. I am soothed by the look of nature, the soft curve of a lone tree, the lush feel of grass between my toes, the inviting reflection of a hidden pond. And so this is why I paint what I paint. In my short time in the art show circuit I have managed to gain the reputation as "The Tree Guy" and have been referred to as such by total strangers.
After several years of practicing and perfecting techniques, developing color choices and realizing that each painting has a story, I have begun to realize that this is no longer an experiment for me, but a true vocation. And, while the idea of truly surviving as an artist seems a daunting challenge, it is a challenge that excites and inspires me every day. I have taught for years and directed theatre for more, now I am ready to take on this new direction in my life. The struggles and doubts that accompany any artistic endeavor are always with me, but I understand that without those doubts the work never improves. My intent is to go deeper and deeper within each painting. As the work improves I feel that the depth (both visual and metaphorical) of each painting comes into focus. I have a friend who looks for the "hidden Ninja" in each of my paintings. While I intend no such "hidden Ninjas", it thrills me to think that he sees enough depth to imagine that they are there.



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Vincent Conversation “Vincent Conversation”

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