Raymond Shanks

I grew up in the town of Great Falls, Montana and spent the better part of my life in the Big Sky Country. One claim to fame that Great Falls does have , is that it is home to the late and great cowboy arist Charlie Russell. In 5th grade we went to the Charlie Russell Museum on a class field trip. My folks always had a couple of Russell's prints in the home and was exposed to his vast collection of work. This forever changed me in how I wanted to be an artist. Through the years I have enduldged in many forms of art and found that painting is one of my favorites.

My Inspiration comes from many things in my life, which are love, imagination, music and emotion. Music is a large influence in what I paint, for it is though this I see my visions and am able to translate them to canvas. The lyrics, melody and rythm inspire amazing visions when you let your imagination flow.

I call my pieces visions for just that reason......they are visions. My hope is that these visions will give you insight into me, and my life, and also take you on a journey all of your own and connect to it with your heart in some way.



Just as the titile says these are visions, Thoughts and images that have been inspired by music, life and love. Sometimes they just come into my head and I can not shake them until they are put on canvas.

Early Risers “Early Risers”

Inspired by my love of fishing , my brother and brethren fisherman in Montana and the great movie A River Runs Through It. "Early Risers"

Prairie Thunder “Prairie Thunder”

An vision of my home state of Montana not far from where I lived. I loved the late afternoon storms that seemingly came out of nowhere.

Fall In The Wasatch “Fall In The Wasatch”

A friend of mine asked me to paint a picture of her home mountains. She now lives in Texas and misses the mountains of home dearly. How could I say no? She loved her Christmas gift.

The Innocence “The Innocence”

To go back to a time when just being alive and appreciating what was around you. Status and inage meant nothing.

The Edge Of Forever “The Edge Of Forever”

This is one of those visions that hit me like a ton of lead. I was listening to a song by Richard Marx and Chele Wright. The rythm of the music and the lyrics painted this vision. I could not shake this until I painted it. I could not put down the brush until it was finished. LIke the song I gave the vision the same title.

The Devil's Corridor “The Devil's Corridor”

We all go through HELL in our life......we also have guides to show us the way out. This vison is that representation.

The Fallen Blood Brothers “The Fallen Blood Brothers”

This my tribute to the Native American people. They were here first and we were the newcomers to their land. What we did and how we treated them was and still to this day is dispicable and disgraceful.

Thermals And Thunder “Thermals And Thunder”

Can you find the wolf that was TOTALLY unintentionally painted in this vision?

There's a Man....There's A Girl. “There's a Man....There's A Girl.”

Life has a funny way of bringing two destinded souls back together......to finally tell eachother how they truly feel.