Robert Markey

Robert Markey is an artist who has worked in many media over the years including painting, sculpture, installation, video and mosaics. He has done public art projects in cities around the country including New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Houston and Minneapolis. His first video was aired on PBS, and he received national media coverage for his public performance work on domestic violence. He has created mosaic murals in Brazil, Chile, Cambodia, Mexico, Sri Lanka and the U.S. For the past several years he has traveled to Asia and Brazil to work with disadvantaged kids to do mosaic murals.


From my Travels

I have been traveling for many years and recently have begun doing paintings of people and places from my travels.

Sri Lankan Tea Picker “Sri Lankan Tea Picker”

Oil on Canvas
32"x24", 2014

Brazil Fisherman “Brazil Fisherman”

Oil on Canvas
24"x18", 2015

Indian Digger “Indian Digger”

Oil on Canvas
30"x24", 2014