Vasanti Deshpande

Vasanti is an engineer by profession, but an artist at heart. She is inspired by beauty in nature. She started painting years ago in Idaho,but she took a break for many years to focus on her career. She took up painting again 5 years ago, at Scottsdale Artist School. Her favorite medium is oil. She paints mostly landscapes. She enjoys travel and photography, which offer her subjects for her paintings.


My Paintings in oil

Most of my artwork as a painter is done in oil on canvas, with heavy emphasis on landscapes. I have done a few florals.

Sedona in winter “Sedona in winter”

Sedona's red rocks look even more beautiful as the winter snow falls on them.

Sognefjord, Norway “Sognefjord, Norway”

8x10 inch oil inCanvas. One of the fjords in Norway

Kona sunset 1 “Kona sunset 1”

12x10 inch.Wave breaks.

Lighthouse “Lighthouse”

8x10 inch Painting inspired by the song Lighthouse (Patrick Watson) and a photo on YouTube (bought rights to use for reference).

Purple rose “Purple rose”

8x8 inch on canvas board

Alaskan Glacier “Alaskan Glacier”

This is a view of a glacier from a sightseeing cruise.

My Nature Photography

This contains everything in nature - flowers, landscapes, seascapes, animals.

Fog over Sognefjord “Fog over Sognefjord”

This one of the most scenic fjord in Norway. Morning fog adds an aura of mystery to it. The reflections in Water include the surroundings including patches of fog.

Honolulu Sunset “Honolulu Sunset”

This photo was taken from the balcony of my hotel room, as the sun went down in Honolulu.

North Rim Grand Canyon “North Rim Grand Canyon”

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is open in summer only. It is spectacular and quiet.

Sunrise over Lake Powell “Sunrise over Lake Powell”

This photo was taken from the Lake Powell Resort.

Slot Canyon near Page, Arizona “Slot Canyon near Page, Arizona”

Slot Canyons are unique in their shadow/light generated patterns.