Daniella Bronzi

daniella danceeducation and at the moment academy of art in Belgium. experimental painter still Always searching for ways to paint freely and with fun, subjects people animals and nature with a lot of fantasy.follow me on daniellabronzi@instagram.com.
Email d68@kpnmail.nl


daniella bronzi

experimental and with lots of fantasy is my painting at this moment. At the academy of art in Belgium and still searchig for new ways of painting with subjects as nature animals &people,figurative expressive,abstract elements.

bonobo “bonobo”

giving the bonobo an clover for luck.
50-70 cm oil on canvas

shaping the future “shaping the future”

100-100cm oil on linen
zakynthos Greece.

on our way “on our way”

100cm-100cm oil on canvas
elephants in the sky is my intention of this work.

flowers&space “flowers&space”

100-100cm oil &epoxy. on canvas
just a way of mind.

going to heaven “going to heaven”

80-120 oil on canvas
cats &rabbits in the dunes.

stay in the light “stay in the light”

50- 70 cm oil ,collage, canvas
swans with abstract elements ..

landscape “landscape”

100-100cm oil on linen
the beauty of Norway .

finding norway “finding norway”

70-100 0il on linen.
inspired by Norway.

lotusflower “lotusflower”

50-50cm oil epoxy on canvas.
the story of the lotus flower as inspiration.

still life “still life”

50-70cm acrylic oil on canvas

where is the fish going 2020 “where is the fish going 2020”

100-100cm oil &acrylic on canvas.
inspired by whats going on inthe world these days.

its not what you think “its not what you think”

100-70 cm oil on linen
just a way of mind& keeping the fun in life.

we want to be free “we want to be free”

100-70cm oil on linen.

the way we danced “the way we danced”

120-80 on linen
my younger days.

landscape “landscape”

40-40 cm oil on canvas

landscape “landscape”

40-40 cm oil on canvas

timeless “timeless”

110- 60 oil on linen

sophia “sophia ”

60- 80 oil on canvas