Urmil Jain

Urmil Jain

Location: Unknown

-1938-Born-27th October, at Lahore, in undivided India.
•1947- after partition settled at N.Delhi.
•1959- Passed National Diploma in Fine Art from Delhi polytechnic, Delhi.
•1959-Graduated from punjab university.
•1960-63- Member of“The Unknown “group of young painters
•1984-Textile Designing Diploma from Rachna Sansad, Bombay

UPCOMING SHOW at Art Gallerie,Hotel Leela Kempinski,Mumbai

Solo Exhibitions
• -2008-Museum Art Gallery,Mumbai
• -2007-Artists Centre,Mumbai
• -2006- Jehangir Art Gallery
• -2002-Mandvi bank Art Gallery,Mumbai
• -2002-Solo Art Gallery,Mumbai
• -2001-Artwalk,Oberoi international,Mumbai
• -2000-Gallerie,Leela Kempinski,Mumbai
• -1999- Gallerie,Leela Kempinski,Mumbai
• -1998-Jehangir art gallery,Mumbai
• -1997-Anz Grindlays Mumbai
• -1996- Gallerie,Leela Kempinski,Mumbai
• -1995-Mahalsa Art Gallery,Hotel Centaur,Bombay.
• -1995- Jehangir Art Gallery,Mumbai
• -1995-Pradarshak Art Gallery,Mumbai
• -1994-Ravishankar Raval hall, Ahmedabad
• -1994- Anz Grindlays Mumbai
• -1993-Nehru center Art Gallery,Mumbai
• -1993- Anz Grindlays Mumbai

Participation in All India Art Exhibitions
• -1959, 1962-Lalit kala Academi / National Art Exhibitions
• -1959, 61,62-All india fine Arts and crafts Annual shows
• -1959-60- Fine Art Academy of Amritsar
• -1960- Fine Art Academy of Gwalior
• -1960-1st annual Art Exhibition / Fine Art Academy of Jammu&Kashmir
• -1994-Lalit Kala Mela at Bangalore
• -1994-Lalit Kala Mela Calcutta
• -1994-Biennial,Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal
• -1995,1997,2000- Art Society of India,
• -1995-Bombay Art Society,
• -1997-Regional Art exhibition,Chennai
• -1998-12thIndian Oil art exhibition, Mumbai
• -2000-Miniature art show at Sanstache art gallery,Mumbai
• -2004-2005-Concern India annuals
• -2011-GlobalArtFoundation, 32artists under one roof at Coomaraswami Hall,Csmvs./Mumbai
• -2011-WomanArtFoundation,Coomaraswami Hall,Csmvs. /Mumbai
Participation/international Group Show
• -Agora Art Gallery,Newyork.

Group shows

• -2008-D.D.Neroy art gallery,
• -2006-Masterstrokers,Mumbai Art Gallery
• -2000-2009-Artists’Centre-Annual Shows
• -1998-Miniature paintings at Sanstache art gallery
• -1997-Art Front-50 years of independence,Mahalsa Art Gallery,Mumbai
• -1995-two artists at Gallerie, Leela Kempinski, Mumbai
• -1993-Art Plaza
• -1992-Art Plaza
• -1988- Kanoria Art Center,Ahmedabad.
• -1971-72-73-Delhi Art Teachers Annual shows
• -1960-63-The Unknown group Of Painters,New Delhi
• -1961- two artists at Delhi Shilpi chakra,Delhi inaugerated by Shri BC,Sanyal.
• -1958- “Students Art Show” at Carlton Café curated by world renowned artist
Sailoz Mukherjea –A historic event after Parisian style.
• -1957-“Modern Indian Painters” at Dhoomi Mal Dharam Das art gallery, Delhi.
-and many others.

• -Artist/voter Lalit Kala Academi

Life Member
• -Bombay Art Society
• -Art Society of India
• -Artists’ Centre
• -Jehangir Art Gallery
• -Concern India printed a greeting card with her painting “BLUE VASE”
• -1959-1984-Taught Art as Postgraduate Art Teacher in Delhi and Bombay for 25 years.
• -Works with Jehangir Nicholson, Mahalsa Art Gallery, Oberoi International,
• -Paintings in Private collections in India- US, Uk , Singapore, Europe Middle East etc.

• -Published a collection of Hindi Poems named “Jaade Ki Ek Dhoop” in 2004.
• -Second book “Indradhanushi Kaanch se” under publication.
• -Many short stories and poems in Hindi / English published in various magazines and Newspapers and recited on Vividh Bharti and All India Radio.

• -She lives and works mostly in Mumbai-India.
• -Other Studios in New Jersy/Colorado.
•Contact: Mobile : 091-9869317016
•-E-mail: urmilj@gmail.com --------------------------------------


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