Liakat Ali

LIAKAT ALI (art Cv )
  080-7016-4893 ,
Address ---Kunitachi shi, Aoyagi , 375-5-406, Tokyo , Japan .
Born ------ Bangladesh , 29th November 1963
2006---Pre MBA 

 Hosei University ,Japan &California state University East Bay , USA
1994--- BFA , ( Drawing & paintings ) , Zhejian Fine Art Inst. China,
1989--- MSc-,( Chemistry )Rajshahi University , Rajshahi , Bangladesh ,
1987--- Pre BFA , Kulna Art Institute , Khulna University , Khulna , Bangladesh .
1989--- Especial consider Prize ,Khulna Art Instute. Khulna University , Bangladesh
Solo Exhibition
1990--- Municipal Hall Gallery , Khulna , Bangladesh .
2003---Miharaya gallery , Ginza, Tokyo, Japan .
2003---Yokohama Minatomirai Gallery , Sakuragicho , Yokohama , Japan.
2003 -Sudou Art Museum ,Ginza ,Tokyo , Japan
2016----Sugino gallery, Ginza , Tokyo, Japan
Duet Exhibition
1995--- Zias gallery , Dhaka , Bangladesh .
1996 --- Vancover Library Gallery , Vancover, Canada .
Group Exhibition
1987----Municipal Hall Gallery , Khulna , Bangladesh
1993 --- Zhejiang Art Museum , Hangzhou, China
1999 ---Kodaira City Hall , Tokyo , Japan
2000 ----Kodaira City Hall , Tokyo, japan
2003 ---Yokohama Minatomirai Gallery , Yokohama , japan
2005 ---Sekaidou  ,Tokyo, Japan
2008--- City club of Tokyo, Japan 
Japan, Canada, China , Bangladesh , Europe



Glossary of art

Love with color and this is a kind of reflection in my paintings . This kind of color has been touching my mind and paintings are reflecting all through of my excitement , What always came abstractive presentation to inform the color, in due to my enjoyment many things has been blowing in the canvases and paper to represent a natural effect from my learning this colorful nature .

Color could be a representation of many invisible notions of my life . All values of experience has been balanced my paintings with shape and light , which is bright , space and layer , corner to corner, in which each area of the composition has given equal attention and significance.

What I love about color reflection is that my paintings has brought all the image to prepare my nature what I founded in my experiences to enjoy color and it brightness for painting on canvases , papers and the results are these works what I tried to do. When my paintings has arrived on canvas or on paper ,those ( paintings ) are absolutely outstanding works . And I was floored.