Marijan Zajec Ko-ze

Marijan Zajec Ko-Ze

Location: Croatia

Born in Zagreb (Croatia) 1966. Since I was a child I have had an inclination towards art , clay modeling , painting. Life took me to another direction, so I ignored my talent and I have dealt with the economy, tourism, manufacturing bricks, where I was co-owner of the company. My life has completely changed after a serious illness, for which I had to change the tempo and style of life - then I turned to spiritual values and art - sculpture and painting.

I enrolled in the College of Visual Arts -
ARTHOUSE in Ljubljana ( Slovenia ), studied at an accelerated pace and graduated after a year and a half ( study lasting four years ). Currently taking the exam for the Master of Fine Arts. Professionally I am involved in art since 2011. Since then I have made over 200 sculptures, mostly in bronze, which is my favorite material. Each of my sculpture is unique, the model for much larger sculptures, imagining my sculptures as monuments of 5-10 meters. I believe that only then they can came to the fore. I exhibited several times in Croatia ( Zagreb ), Austria ( Vienna ), Florida ( Miami ) . The next exhibition will be held in Monaco ( MonacoArt 2014 ) in April. Contact ;
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Marijan Zajec Ko-Ze

When your life changes in almost a blink of an eye and you find yourself staring death in the eye, you start to let go. But sometimes the human soul does not want to give up, but rather starts to fight its way through.

This near- death experience and a life-changing moment of artist Marijan Zajec KO-ZE gave birth to a unique set of sculptures that compell every viewer to question his or her state of mind and exposes new dimensions of esthetic pleasure to true art connoisseurs.

Well acquainted with the new trends and art forms, Marijan Zajec KO-ZE transformed this new life energy into unique artistic sculptures that were made in an almost forgotten tehnique of sculpting. Unlike most sculptors, he uses clay modelling , material in which he created even in his youth, and with the use of precious metals he forms luxurious and exclusive pieces of art.

Remembering prehistoric ways of creation the artist formulated a cycle of 150 sculptures that describe almost the entire life ordeal of a human being, from one’s birth, strong connection to the figure of mother, to death itself.

These unique sculptures explore not only questions of true human emotion, but also the perils of ecological disasters and world change that we are faced with in the uncertain future.

Sculptures of fine quality,made od precious metals (bronze, aluminium),that emanate luxury also reflect the extent of human suffering through their shiny, smooth surface.

After initial clandestine creative process, Marijan Zajec finally decided to share his sculptures with the public. His expressive art forms very quickly caught the eye of many an art connoisseur, gallery owner and museums all over the world wanted to display his sculptures. Along with impressive shapes and an air of luxury, viewers were also attracted by the incredible quality of his sculptures - each piece has a curious ability of perfectly adjusting into every space, thus making it a first class art display. MY INTERVIEW:

"Pregnancy" “"Pregnancy"”

Bronze, original work by Marijan Zajec Ko-Ze

"Mother and child" “"Mother and child"”

bronze, original work by Marijan Zajec Ko-Ze

"Dog-Play" “"Dog-Play"”

Aluminium, original work by Marijan Zajec Ko-Ze

"False Godess" “"False Godess"”

bronze, original work by Marijan Zajec Ko-Ze

"Hug" “"Hug"”

bronze, original work by Marijan Zajec Ko-Ze

"Horse" “"Horse"”

bronze, original work by Marijan Zajec Ko-Ze

"Corn" “"Corn"”

bronze, original work by Marijan Zajec Ko-Ze

"Beginning" “"Beginning"”

bronze and aluminium, original work by Marijan Zajec ko-Ze

"Hug " “"Hug "”

bronze, original work by Marijan Zajec Ko-Ze