Mariusz Jedrzejczak

Mariusz Jedrzejczak

Location: Poland

My name is Mariusz Jedrzejczak and it is my pleasure to welcome you to my site, where you can get familiar with my works. I have dealt with painting ever since my youngest years, but it was only when I had become a resident of the city of Ventimiglia, located in the province of Liguria (Italia) that I started to approach painting professionally.
Apart from traditional painting (oil paint, acrylic), which I have been consistently improving, I also use quick-painting techniques. I develop and implement new techniques on my own. In European tourist cities and towns I organize exhibitions combined with shows of how these techniques of creating pictures can be applied in practice. I am mainly inspired by mountain and sea landscapes, which I come across on my artistic route.




Painting on canvas,
executed in acrylic technique, dimensions 22x15,2 inch