Chris Plumley

Painting for a while now. Kingston, New Hampshire inspires through the cold winters and beautiful summer skylines. My painting inspiration is firstly my Grand Father Les Plumley. Didn't have a chance to paint til he was 65 years old. Humble as a piece of bread on a hungry day. Secondly, all impressionists of the late 19th and early 20th.centurys. Contact - for inquires.

Thank you for your interest.



Oils on canvas

In a desert a father and son dream of water and the rest of the day. A woman prays for another day. A boy sees his shadow and what is imaginable only. A woman trapped in self reflection.

Prayer “Prayer”

Woman in vale seeks answers. Her eyes see but are closed.

the mirror “the mirror”

Self realization.

against the tide “against the tide”

The force of nature is inescapeable.

woman on monhegan “woman on monhegan”

A paint of a women painting on Monhegan Island

bull looking down “bull looking down”

Series of painting on Bisons

monks in reflection “monks in reflection”

Pencil and watercolors.

Buffalo “Buffalo”


women in defence “women in defence”

Abstract on women in defence