Lauren Morris

Lauren Morris

Location: Canada

For me ART is my imagination. It is always an expression of something; whether an idea, image or feeling. I strive for a simplicity within my work while being unique. I enjoy working with colors, reflections, shadows and light. I paint predominantly in acrylics. Wanting to fill my canvas with movement and light, making the viewer see beyond the colors on the canvas. I moved to Vancouver from South Africa and was thrown into a world full of challenges: My art and my senses merged. Making art for me is like exploring a new country for the first time. The bold bright colors of tulips inspired me to do a series of still lives in which I explored many different brush stokes striving to create my own unique style. My recent works took on a new direction of abstraction, filled with the rich colors of the earth and inspired by the shapes and drama of fall, done in mixed medium.
As an artist I am hoping to inspire thought and to evoke the viewers’ emotions through visual imagery.

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