Patricia Astorga Mcintyre

Patricia Astorga McIntyre

Location: Chile

Patricia graduated in Arts, Major in painting, from "Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile".

Her painting is rather dreamlike and arguably "internal landscapes". Most of her work is oil painting, there is where she find her greatest expression.

"... A painting that introduce it self, some times waiting to be interrogated in order to answer us with those dreamlike sensations that always we want to live, with natural aggressive colors , almost wild, tamed only by a female nature enjoying creation beyond the prejudices imposed by the senses."

Ms. Veronica M. Merino UC Esthetics



"Principle I" “"Principle I" ”

Oil on canvas 2.00mtx2.00mt.

Whisper “Whisper”

Oil on canvas 1.20mtx2.10mt.

Principal in III “Principal in III”

Oil on canvas 1.50mtx2.00mt.

"Birth" “"Birth"”

Oil on canvas 70cmx1.50mt

"The storm" (detail) “"The storm" (detail)”

Oil on canvas 2.10mtx2.00mt