Roula Chreim

Roula Chreim


As an artist, I am passionate about capturing the beauty of the world around me through vibrant colors and various artistic styles. My love for painting began at the young age of 4, when I first picked up a coloring pen and felt the thrill of creating something from scratch.
Ever since then, I have been captivated by the power of color and the ways in which it can evoke emotion and bring an object to life. I am endlessly fascinated by the way light plays off different surfaces and how it can change the mood of a painting with a single stroke.
My travels around the world have also greatly influenced my art. I find inspiration in the ever-changing weather patterns, from the bright and sunny beaches of Rio De Janero to the misty, moody landscapes of South Asia. I am also intrigued by the unique cultures and customs of different places, and I love to incorporate elements of these experiences into my art.
One of the things that sets me apart as an artist is my willingness to explore different styles and subject matter. While some artists prefer to stick to one particular theme or style, I find joy in experimenting with new techniques and materials, and exploring a wide variety of subject matter. This allows me to constantly push my creative boundaries and explore new ways of expressing myself through my art.
In short, my art is a reflection of my deep love for color, my passion for exploring the world around me, and my desire to constantly challenge myself as an artist.


I'll Be Waiting

The show is over, she's sitting there waiting for her beloved to greet her....