Henning Eriksen

henning eriksen

Location: Norway

I am an artist who is currently working with fotografi but also working with acrylic paintings drawings and aquarell paintings.

selftaught mostly but have learn different styles and tecniks in a comersial art school.



Picture from a icy Creek

sitting “sitting”

ice bulbs light up With sixwolts halogen lamp

izzy in the ice “izzy in the ice”

a reflection in an icy wall

icedog “icedog”

mirrowing an icy Picture

frozen “frozen”

from the same session

iceglo “iceglo”

from the same session

sparkey “sparkey”

from the same

embrace “embrace”

from the same

Face in the icetap “Face in the icetap”

makro image of a tiny icetap

The other day “The other day”

digital collage

Frosen rope “Frosen rope”

from a marina in Stavanger

Icy pictures and water reflections

abstrakt fotos from frozen lakes an little waterfalls and manipulations of watersurface

The bubble “The bubble”

reflections of me in the bubble

Window madness “Window madness”

The new conserthall in stavanger Fartein Valen an mirror image of the building in the front

Brimestone “Brimestone ”

From Iceland. Acid smoke pouring up from the ground with the stench of Sulfur.

Brimestone 2 “Brimestone 2”

From Iceland.

Watermelion “Watermelion”

Taken against my coffecontainer with water in it an a waterpump stirring the surface. The coulors are reflections from a blue floor.

Waterdog “Waterdog”

Taken against the goldfishdome

iron in the pond “iron in the pond”

Digital collage of ice and rust

natural phenomenons

Beautiful Things in nature

Organic rock “Organic rock”

from Gran Canaria

Nature in competition “Nature in competition ”

In Iceland every little plant struggles for its life

Iron in the pond “Iron in the pond”

Dramatic contrast between the warm, colored water and the blue sky

Birth of icebergs “Birth of icebergs ”

Very cold water is dragging ice down to the shore

Dancing queen “Dancing queen”

from a park nerby Stavanger

Caotic water “Caotic water”

Moving water with picture underneath

Foamtroll “Foamtroll”

Sunlight hitting the little creek in the forest

Heavinly reflections “Heavinly reflections”

Sunbeam radiation threw treleavs

Mushroomface “Mushroomface”

From the forest

Starlight “Starlight”

In the middle of a purple flower with pollen sparkling

Alien “Alien”

Poppy before folding out

Broomstick flower “Broomstick flower”

trying ti capture the waterdroplets from the morning mist

Water reflections “Water reflections”

From the surface of the fishtank

Sweet alien flower “Sweet alien flower”

From my garden after a shower with my waterhose