Macey Lipman

I've loved painting since I was a kid. Later in life, as marketing director to many well-known recording artists, I could not pursue my love for painting because of the demands of business and global travel. When I  made the decision to leave the music Industry, I traveled to Italy for several months a year to study at the Michelangelo Istituto  Accademia d' Arte in Florence. My passion for Italy, its beautiful, ancient landscape and its zest for life has served me well in the pursuit of art. I labor with intensity over the details and techniques of my canvases for months-on-end until the final brush stroke.

 I have recently been included in the INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS BOOK published November 2013, and the INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MASTERS BOOK VOL.VIII,  published January 2014. I recently won the Muriel Alvord memorial award from the 81st  annual Hudson Valley Art Association Juried Exhibition in July 2013. I also have  a new, revised website to give online access to my art at


Paintings of Italy

These are paintings I created of Italy, particularly the area in-and-around Florence.

Piazza Della Repubblica (Blurred Umbrellas) ~ Florence, Italy “Piazza Della Repubblica (Blurred Umbrellas) ~ Florence, Italy”

It was raining and people were scurrying home. The piazza was once used as a Ghetto during World War II. Today, it is the epicenter of luxury shops and 5-star hotels. 29"x39" Acrylic on Canvas 2013

Nemi Village and Crater Lake ~ Nemi, Italy “Nemi Village and Crater Lake ~ Nemi, Italy”

Nemi Village (right) and Nemi Crater Lake (left) ~ An ancient, worn cobble-stone street winds its way down to the edge of the even more ancient Crater Lake. Acrylic on Canvas 24"x 30" 2013

Ponte Alle Grazie ~ Florence, Italy “Ponte Alle Grazie ~ Florence, Italy”

One of seven bridges crossing the Arno River with a history of this bridge dating back to 1227. The original bridge was destroyed by the retreating Nazis during World War II. The famous Ponte Vecchio is in the background to the left.
29”x 39” Acrylic on canvas 2011

Mushroom Shop ~ Nemi, Italy “Mushroom Shop ~ Nemi, Italy”

This wonderful couple willingly posed, obviously enjoying the attention and very proud of their fantastic array of fresh naturally organic condiments. 30"x40" Oil on Canvas 2012

Window Reflections at Dawn ~ Florence, Italy “Window Reflections at Dawn ~ Florence, Italy”

View from my Firenze apartment reflecting elements of the Synagogue in the window. 18" x 24" Oil on Canvas 2013

Rooftops of Firenze ~ Florence, Italy “Rooftops of Firenze ~ Florence, Italy”

Storm Clouds gathering with just enough sun to create beautiful contrasts from the 4th floor (actually the 5th) from the lobby of the Hotel Bodini. 24"x 30” Acrylic on canvas 2014


These paintings depict life in cities and the juxtaposition we sometimes find ourselves witnessing.

Sambo's and Segways - Santa Barbara, CA “Sambo's and Segways - Santa Barbara, CA”

One of the old Sambo's Restaurants in Santa Barbara, CA with some new Segways rolling by. Acrylic on bleached linen 24"x30" 2015

Arboretum Golden Gate Park - San Francisco, CA “Arboretum Golden Gate Park - San Francisco, CA”

At the Arboretum in Golden Gate Park there is no reflection in the windows since they are painted white. Oil on tempered masonite 36”x48” 2012