Raquel Sarangello


Location: Argentina

2012 Exhibition at Gallery Italian course in New Mexico USA Solo Exhibition at Gallery La Mucchia in Italy 2011 solo exhibition in France GALLERY VERIÉE Exhibition in Argentina Gallery R Van R 2009 Solo Exhibition Art Space diseñarte Argentina exhibition Art in Spain HEALTH National Painting Exhibition Hall Mercedes (B) Argentina Year 2008: Permanent Exhibition Art Gallery Mucchia (Cortona, Italy). Gala Exhibition Gallery in Argentina. Gory Art Gallery Exhibition in Spain. 2007: In the classic exposition, B. Aires, Argentina. Permanent exhibition of works of Miranda, Mercedes (Buenos Aires). Group exhibition in Barcelona, ??Spain. Group exhibition in Colombia. 2006: Exhibition in Gallery Sketch of La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Permanent exhibition in Passage San Lorenzo (Defense and Chile), Sundays from 11 to 20 hours. San Telmo, Bs.As, Argentina. Hopefully Restó Exhibition in Chivilcoy, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. Sculpture Workshop Claudia Aranovich resins. RvanR Exhibition Gallery San Telmo, B. Aires, Argentina. Vaezarte gallery exhibitions in Uruguay. Saatchi Gallery exhibition in London. 2005: Exhibition at the Art Gallery of Budapest Russia. Exhibition at the National Painting second city of Mercedes. Participation in the art auction for the International Jazz Festival, the Free Theatre of Bogotá. Solo exhibition at the Complex Ameghino Mercedes-Marin City (B). Group show SCRAPS 4 Social Museum University of Argentina. The 2nd Ibero-American Artists Exhibition at the Convent of Saint Augustine in Barcelona Spain. 2004: Exhibition in the city of Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. Exhibition at the National University of San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Painting Exhibition Complex Cultural competence in Marin Ameghino Mercedes, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Olvera Exhibition Gallery in Texas, USA. 2003: Exhibition in Gallery Arteescondido Palermo, Capital Federal, Argentina. Exhibition in 8th Film Festival at the Auditorium of CCOO of Madrid, Spain. Exhibition at the Argentine Automobile Club in the city of Mercedes. National Painting XIX of the Bar Association of Mercedes, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2002: Exhibition and auction to benefit Caritas Argentina Vincentian Mercedes. Bs Aires, Argentina. Sivori Museum Exhibition Prize in Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2001: Selected National Exhibition of Fine Arts "Women and their cultural role" in the Province of Buenos Aires Museum of Fine Arts, La Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina). XVIII National Painting Exhibition, org. Bar Association Judicial Department Mercedes (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Mercosur VI Hall Juanito Laguna Prize, org. Volpe Stessens Foundation (Argentina). 2000: XXII National Painting at the Museum "Fernan Felix Amador Lujan (GBA). Works in public and private collections in Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Belgium, USA, Ireland, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Russia, etc. - See more at: https://linktr.ee/raquelsarangelloart




Dreems “Dreems”

acrilic on canvas 1mx1m 2014


acrilic on canvas 50x60 cm

Friends love “Friends love”

Friends- Colors of the rainbow Pride 2022 -Eternal love between people who met at a certain moment in life and discovered that the path of their lives they always wanted to do together.
Souls are beyond bodies.
The work was made with a digital process and then painted with acrylic, Chinese ink, enamels. magenta.
Original Created: 2022
Subject: Portrait
Style: Expressionism, Fine art, Art deco, Semi abstract, Figurative,
Medium: inks, acrylic, enamels
Materials: canvas
All works are original and are delivered with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.
The artist's works are part of private and public collections in Germany, the United States, France, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Italy, Holland, Spain, Ireland, London, India, Argentina, Belgium, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, etc.

Family “Family”

Family-Exile inside, work exhibited at the Mdes Art Museum (Argentina) on the theme "Abusos" there were paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures on this theme. Inner Exile was also selected in the Painting Exhibition at the MMAM in Argentina. The theme is what can be seen in the painting, it speaks of those excluded from the world, those who had to self-exile within their country to the outskirts of the big city. As some of us say "the blanket fell short for them". The work invites us to reflect on the situation of helplessness experienced by millions of people in the world. This painting was selected in the Painting Contest of the MMAM, Argentina. The artist's works are part of private and public collections in Germany, the United States, France, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, London, India, Argentina, Belgium, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, etc.