Janelle Dimmett

I’m an Illustrator from Union, Missouri who specializes in adult coloring books, childrens story books, textile design, and cover art. I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2013. Accompanying my Illustration degree, I have a strong background in Graphic Arts and Visual Design. I spent three years studying graphic design, prior to my acceptance to the Kansas City Art Institute's Illustration program.

I generally work in a traditional manner, and I ultimately consider myself a 'marker artist.' My tools are artist grade markers, fine line pens, and typically Procreate for final editing. My work is extensively detailed and vibrant, and the end result is a playful tone that balances bold color and dark smooth lines.

My work is well known and can be found in locations all around the world. My art is published by numerous outlets and can be found on jigsaw puzzles, sticker books, notecard sets, greeting cards, coloring books, and childrens books. My work can also be located at the All Things Oz Museum in New York, who currently has the original 'Dorothy' illustration that I completed on permanent display in their Museum. Another piece titled 'Alice' is also on permanent display at the East Central College student library in Union, Missouri. Questions can be forwarded to jadimmett@gmail.com


Illustrations by Janelle Dimmett

This folder consists of illustrations of both digital and traditional format.
They were completed by published illustrator Janelle Dimmett, of St. Louis, Missouri.