Khrissy Clement

Khrissy, was born in Schönenwerd (SO) Switzerland. She spends part of her childhood in South America, Italy and then she leaves for the USA Hollywood. On her return to Switzerland in 1995, she studied at the School of Applied Arts in Vevey and gets a degree of Visual Arts. After a short foreign trip, she stays in Veytaux in the beautiful area of Leman's Lake.
Since her early interest for the photography will make her a passionate. She works the digital photography, film, photo labo and painting, combining two themes that are her passionates: Music and Geometric shapes of castles in Chiaroscuro.
The strength and love that she brings to her work day after day, develops in the magic and enthusiasm that makes her grow and improve while remaining open to other artistc projects.
She exhibits regularly in galleries, art spaces or in any creative atmosphère. She brings her style that she calls :
« Expression », her way to externalizing inspiration and creativity that invite people to share her work.
A trip between the mystical and the real.




In my creativity world,the photography is today my first passion and it takes all the space in my daily life. My vision goes to the discovery the oldest and the most recent. Associations and contrast being revealing, have driven me to a pictural research, inspired from the chiaroscuro.
In love with castles and places of history, my closeness with the Chillon Castle, made me accomplice with it, this link allowed me to sharpen my eye to capture amazing images and lights, beyond first glance. Eclipsing me in the middle of tourist, my choice goes to effects of violent and stage lights.?

The aggressiveness of contrasts of light turning into a vague and myterious hint of geometric shapes wich will overwhelm the gaze in a more modern art during my exhibitions.
To evolve in my work, I will work my images by series as well on various media and formats. Use paint, pigments and different materials to create unique works. The way I will présent my work will agree with the place and my inspiration.

Deep Inside “Deep Inside”

Fine Art Acrylglass Photography 50X75

Strange Spell “Strange Spell”

Fine Art Acrylglass Photography 50X75

Blue Wall “Blue Wall”

Fine Art Photography on canvas 50X70 3D

Sights “Sights”

Fine Art brushed aluminium Photography on canvas 3X30X60 3D

Music Walls


The music is for me a language from the soul. Moving in concert halls, out door festivals, and also into the street, I like to be close to the musician’s world to share their émotions. Often in the streets, I meet talented musicians who are unfortunately neglected by people too busy. I’ll reflect in my photographs their passion, which will become at the same time visual and audible. This magic moment, will take us into a different world, an universal world.
Music Walls is a exciting project for me, a pictorial-photographic work feautured on walls, where I can feel free to work my creativity, to highlight this fascinating musical universe.

X-Rays “X-Rays”

Fine Art Photography acrylglass on wall 70X100cm

Montreux Fest “Montreux Fest”

Fine Art Alu Photography, on wall 50X100

Unplugged “Unplugged”

Fine Art Alu Photography, on wall 50X70cm

Play “Play”

Fine Art Photography acrylglass 50X75

Violinist “Violinist”

Charcoal drawing, ink on canvas 70 X 130cm


SUNSET STRIP is a new canvas of my series of " Street Feelings "
Mix Media canvas 100/100


SUNSET STRIP is a new canvas from my Street Fellings series.
Mix Media canvas 100/100