Tiziana Tirtha Giammetta

Tiziana Tirtha Giammetta

Location: Italy

Tiziana "Tirtha" Giammetta painting style is characterized by intense colors that force lights and shadows in an almost complete bichromatic range. The artist interest in the expressiveness of the face leads her to work mainly with portrait. Color becomes in her work an interpretative key of the personality of the subject and the mood of the moment. Her work is not simply figurative, is characterized by exploration of light, shadow, color, sign, expression. In her work Tiziana aims to maintain a certain immediacy that preserves innocent freshness.

training course

Degree of Master of Applied Art in graphic design , photography and cinematography at the Institute of Art " Depero " Rovereto -TN -
Academy of Fine Arts Cignaroli , pictorial section Via Carlo Montanari , Verona. Teachers Margonari , Bellomi and Girardello

Events and experiences

2014 - Group exhibition of 50 artists ART CITY BOLOGNA - Miscellanea - Expo from 24/01 to 02/02/2014 exhibition space of the gallery , the Court of Felsina , in the historic center of Bologna
2013 - V Biennial of Contemporary Art Italian Edition (Lecce), with exhibitions in Milan in Arcola (SP) and Bologna . (November)
2013- Show Event "Human Rights - # migrantes" c/o Foundation Peace Bell at Rovereto (October 8, 2013 until January 31, 2014)
2013- Christopher Columbus Award as "artist of the year" promoted by UIL UINSA City of La Spezia ( October)
2013- Personal Exhibition <Króumëki> c/o gallery Iras Baldessari Rovereto TN (September)
2013- "Big" collective art exhibition c/o Spazio Event Art Pergine (TN) (August)
2013- collective art exhibition "the ways of art" c/o Royal opera Arcade Gallery London (July)
2013- Personal exhibition "relazioni cromatiche" gallery "il transito" Arco ( TN) (May)
2013- April permantent exhibition of the work ' Milena ' at the 3D -RAM gallery - Lecce
2013- VI collective art exhibition Egos Royal Opera Arcade Gallery London (March)
2013- Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery 2nd Annual All Women Art Exhibition 2013 JUPITER ( special recognition ) february
1998 - creation of a mural artworks in the historical center of Nago TN on commission of the municipality of Nago \ Torbole and the cultural group ' Novecento ' title of the mural artwork ' el pesarol ' .
1996 Third prize. in a contest for young writers with a short story. Organization of the Flaminia Foundation , ASSA and ASBEC of Ravenna.
1995 \ 96 acquisition of knowledge theorical and practical techniques of mosaic and hints on new techniques of restoration , at a group of young restorers trained at the School of Restoration of Mosaics of Ravenna.
1994 - personal exhibition of original prints photo of 40- b/w prints divided into two sections: " Italy " and " Faces" in size 30x40, Canberra, Australia. Organization of the group of Italian culture contact and some members of the Department for the
Teaching of Italian Language and Culture of the Italian Embassy in Australia.
1994 - photo exhibition " Photography in Garda Trentino " for the series of exhibitions "Whodunit" organized by the Consortium "House of Artists G. Vittone" . Participation with 7 original prints b/w made with a particular artistic threatment of the prints by the artist. Canale di Tenno TN
1993 exhibition collective of the photography club Latavolarotonda of Riva del Garda , with five original prints b/w, Val di Ledro TN
1991 exhibition of photographic circles del Garda , with 10 original prints b/w . Garda VR.



The human figure, portrait, are, in the end, my autobiographical journey. My subjects are mostly people who have been or are yet part of my life, significantly, and they are like bread crumbs along the path of my life, and I need to explore them to unravel the journey of my life, the sense of my being, to understand who am I and why I am here.

Matteo, anemòs “Matteo, anemòs”

120x120 cm acrilic on canvas

Stefano “Stefano”

98x120 cm acrilic on framed linen

Simon “Simon”

100x120 cm acrilyc on canvas