Dorothy Sitka

Dorothy Sitka


"Sketching since I was a child, I found that I am talented in drawing what I see, capturing the likeness of faces around me." After classical training this multi skilled portrait artist now does this in both oils on canvas and watercolor.. To this day this remains her greatest passion and talent. Not only does she have the ability to paint what she sees, but is able to reach into the soul of the subject, painting each person as if she had known them for years. She can also do this with animals as her subject. Even her landscapes have a realism rarely seen with other painters. She is able to capture moments that allow people to relive magic memories for years to come.

She is a native Texan and has had enormous success in and around the area, participating in many competitions, and gallery showings. Her paintings are represented in the collections of corporate and business patrons. Her work has also appeared on numerous catalog covers and private patrons have commissioned and collected her paintings over the last twenty years.

She enjoys living in the metropolitan area of Houston Texas. With her spouse, she had enjoyed hunting and fishing supporting her love of nature. She also has been able to travel across the United States, and Europe broadening her life and art experience. Sometimes she is able to sketch or take photos to take back to her studio for future reference for a painting. Her two sons grown and married are living close by so that she is able to enjoy her grandchildren, who have been an inspiration and subjects of some of her painting.