Elaine Rosenberg D/b/a Elaine Dee Rose Art Llc

As an Abstract and Mixed-Media Artist, I've been creating art since I was in my 20's. I enjoy taking classes in art at various art centers in NJ, including Center for Contemporary Art in Bedminster, Visual Arts Center in Summit, Arts Council of Princeton, Artworks in Trenton, and many other retreats. Also, I have been exhibiting my work since 2010 at many different venues. Exhibiting has given me the opportunity to expose my artwork and receive awards.


Abstract Collage & Mixed Media

I truly enjoy creating Collage and Mixed Media works of art. My interest in art developed in college, when one art professor allowed us to use whatever medium we chose, and to make whatever we imagined. I thoroughly enjoyed the freedom she gave us for self-discovery.

My collages are dimensional, and I enjoy looking for articles that I can incorporate into the artwork. Many of these articles can be found in antique shops, flea markets, or just around the house.
Some of my collages are personalized for family and friends. Others are created with a particular theme in mind, or by just combining materials that are visually appealing and exciting. To me, art is a learning experience that never ends.

Circle of Life “Circle of Life”

Step into a world of vibrant colors and dynamic brushstrokes with this captivating abstract painting. A celebration of life and energy, "Circle of Life," is bursting with cheerful yellows, bold reds, and calming blues. The playful interaction of circular forms and gestural brushwork creates a sense of movement and depth, inviting the viewer to explore every detail. Let the joyful rhythm of this artwork uplift your spirits and inspire you to embrace the beauty of life.

Wild Thing “Wild Thing”

"Wild Thing" is an abstract painting that bursts with vibrant colors and bold patterns. The dynamic brushstrokes and collaged elements create a sense of movement and energy, while the swirling motifs add a touch of whimsy. Delve into its intricate layers to discover new details and let your creativity run wild. This captivating piece is sure to spark conversation and add a pop of excitement to any room.

Girl on Fire “Girl on Fire”

"Girl on Fire," is a vibrant and dynamic mixed media composition, inspired by Alicia Key's song, "This Girl is On Fire." It represents the artist in her studio, passionately developing creative ideas. Integrating various textures, patterns, and collage elements, this artwork forms an abstract scene that captures the artist's creative journey.

Smile - The Sun is Shining “Smile - The Sun is Shining”

The artwork "Smile - The Sun is Rising" elicits a sense of hope and renewal through its vibrant colors and uplifting composition. The title alone conveys a feeling of optimism and positivity, as if a new day is dawning and anything is possible.

The inclusion of newspaper clippings adds an element of nostalgia and storytelling to the piece, giving it a sense of history and depth. Each clipping tells a unique story, adding layers of meaning to the overall artwork. Combined with the title, these elements come together to create a sense of new beginnings and endless possibilities.

Overall, "Smile - The Sun is Rising" is a powerful and emotionally evocative piece that inspires feelings of hope, renewal, and the beauty of starting anew.

Pueblo “Pueblo”

"Pueblo" is an abstract acrylic painting inspired by the rich colors and textures of the Southwestern landscape. The warm yellow background sets the tone for this vibrant composition, which features a dynamic interplay of sharp geometric shapes and energetic brushstrokes. The bold color palette includes hues of oranges, reds, greens, pinks, browns, blacks, and whites, creating a visually captivating tapestry. Through various mark-making techniques and textures, the artwork invites viewers to explore its intricate details and uncover its deeper meanings.