Susie Sierra

Susie Sierra

Location: Australia

As a visual artist, I incorporate different art forms into my painting practice, including literature and music. I've traveled to many countries and recently spent time in Buenos Aires studying and dancing the Argentine tango.

My career as an artist began in America where I initially worked as an actor in repertory theatre and in television as a presenter. Today, in my practice, my paintings reflect Nature and the history of flower painting - the paintings of 17th Century Europe and the connection through to ancient Oriental painting. Subject matter for my recent works comes from the white rose gardens at La Tuilière, Provence France.

I'm interested in developing the relationship between the Arts and the Corporate sector and enjoy public speaking and sharing my experiences as much as possible. Paintings can be found in private collections in Australia, North America, and Europe including Bankers Trust and Horvath & Partners. I am currently based in Sydney.


New Works 2

This painting was inspired by the white rose gardens in Provence, France.
Fleurs de Nuit, oil on French linen, 198cm x 120cm, $12,000.

Amant “Amant”

Amant, oil on French linen, 140cm x 102cm $9,000