Rodrigo Andrian

Rodrigo Andrian

Location: Brazil

Rodrigo Andrian was born in Rio de Janeiro, was graduated in History of Art, and post-graduate degree in Management and Conservation of Cultural Property.
In his work on contemporary figurative genre, the image appears between straight and sinuous lines, which organic and geometric forms talk through that color. The linear motion imagery that involves the forms and alternating between soft and vibrant colors of the composition contribute to the feeling of motion pictures. The forms and color expressivity to release the spectator of figurative conditioning, establishing a bridge between the sensible and the spiritual world.


Lines, shapes and colors.

Using lines to build shapes, and colors to integrate them, and create images that produce wellbeing and enthusiasm, movement and life.

At the Way of the Sea “At the Way of the Sea”

The Ipanema girl walks at the way of the sea (tribute to Brazilian poet Vinicius de Moraes).

Gol “Gol”

The player kicks the ball toward the crossbar and this moment is suspended in expectation of what will come next (tribute to the 2014 World Cup).

Sunny “Sunny”

A sunny day is warm and full of joy, enthusiasm and adventure.

Luzia Camutango “Luzia Camutango”

The intangible heritage of the memory of the artist's grandmother childhood in the "São Francisco de Camutango Farm". Note: Camutanga is a species of bee in the Rio de Janeiro northwestern region.

Cariocas on the Beath “Cariocas on the Beath”

In Rio de Janeiro, the locals on the beach during a summer afternoon: boys playing volleyball in the sand, the brunette sunbathing, and surfer sliding on the waves mingle with the stylish design of the Copacabana boardwalk.

Kuikuro Indian Girl “Kuikuro Indian Girl”

An Indian girl of ethnicity Kuikuro whose language is endangered.

Dourado Fish and the Riverside Girl “Dourado Fish and the Riverside Girl”

A riverside girl with a Dourado Fish from the Amazon Basin.

Jaguar “Jaguar”

The jaguar, a typical Brazilian animal in danger of extinction.

Ola Brasil “Ola Brasil”

This painting shows a crowd in the football stadium yelling at his team during the World Cup.