Lucille Loose

Lucille Loose

Location: Canada

Having creative talent, some of my hobbies were ceramics, 3-D paper tole pictures, tole painting, petite point, knitting, sewing and crochet. I have enjoyed and appreciated art through my growing years. I had an interest in art when in school but only started to get serious about painting in 2002. I enjoy taking photographs of a variety of subjects then creating a watercolor that will inspire my talent. The process of producing art is an excitement in my life – seeing how each watercolor will emerge on paper.


Floral Watercolors

I started watercolor painting with florals and am including some of my favorites.

Rhodo Gems “Rhodo Gems”

These vibrant florals are in our gardens in BC and they bloom in many differents shades.

Floral Watercolors

I started watercolor painting with florals and am including some of my favorites.

Mr. Bumble Bee “Mr. Bumble Bee”

Intriguing and colorful bumble bee feeding on florals

Fun in the Park “Fun in the Park”

A park near my house in Burnaby BC where a lot of activity happens with families

Gold Bougainvilleas “Gold Bougainvilleas”

Cascading down the front & sides of a Lodge in Africa, these florals were so vibrant and eye-catching.

African Jacaranda Tree “African Jacaranda Tree”

These trees in Africa are so beautiful in hues of Purple tones. You can't help but be amazed at their beauty

In Full Bloom “In Full Bloom”

Vancouver BC is full of gorgeous blooms each spring and summer including these blossoms

Far & Wide Across our Nation

These paintings were from our trips around the word, Thailand, Africa, Asia Indonesia

My Safari Abode “My Safari Abode”

One of the wonderful lodges we stayed at on our Safari in Africa

Pomellos for Sale “Pomellos for Sale”

While touring Vietnam, we can across so many wonder sites and saw this women going to sell her wares

Grottos at Halong Bay “Grottos at Halong Bay”

There are hundreds of grottos in the Indian Ocean and are attractive to the eye. We even swam in the Ocean

Standing Tall “Standing Tall”

These gorgeous flowers are from the Ginger plant, very waxy but so gorgeous they almost look fake. Found them in Thailand

Bali Sunset “Bali Sunset”

Indonesia is famous for their exquisite sunsets, this painting was from our hotel in Bali

Through the Open Window “Through the Open Window”

Our art class went to Soreze to paint.....this window was looking out from the dining room