Raymundo Garza

Raymundo Garza

Location: Mexico

He was born in Monterrey, Mexico. Chemical Engeneer by profession but artist by vocation.

Fifteen years ago he began elaborating artworks, utilizing materials commonly used in coatings formulation but not in plastic arts: glowing in the dark pigments, metallic and pearlescent pigments; body filler, dutty putty and automotive coatings over different sustrates like a steel or aluminum mesh, tin sheets, etc.

He has participated in many individual arts exhibitions in Mexico. Recently, thanks to rapid spread of his works in virtual galleries, some of his painting have been choosing by immagine & poesía to be linked to poetry by renowed poets international stature: Aeronwy Thomas and Lawrence Ferlinghetti, for example; and participated in specializated artbooks: International Contemporary Artists Vol VI and Artisti a New York.

His artworks expresses the trascendence of men in the universo, in perpetual life, in history and in his own spirituality; but also he shows the human race's own explitation, war and the enviromental damage that the powerfull ambition and the empires belived to be justified.