Annette Johnnerfelt

Annette Johnnerfelt

Location: Sweden

Annette Johnnerfelt is a sculptor and a sociologist. Born in Sweden. Lives part-time in Brighton, England.
Her sculptures are linked to the individual in the society; she tries to bring a thought, a reflection and recognition in today's society where social networking on the Internet overshadows human interaction. The viewer creates the role of human communication and relationships in his or her own life.
Annette gets inspired by encounters with other cultures. Her experience from many years of daily life in other cultures gave her the insight; it doesn’t matter in which part of the world you live because there are always relations between people who are independent of national boundaries, political landscape and ethnic background.
The natural power of the stoneware reconnects to basic values. The structure has natural differences and hand built evidences is preserved. She motivates the viewer to fill in the blanks. In the sculptures are an exciting balance between the Western mind-set and the Japanese traditions.

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The sculpture catches a moment in the lives of two people. In a day and age when social networking on the internet becomes a part of daily life. It is important to recognize the role of human communication and to experience feelings by interpret the body language.