Simonida Jovanovic

Simonida Jovanovic

Location: Serbia

Name: Simonida
Surname: Jovanovic
Nationality: Serbian
Currently living in (city & country): Novi Sad, Serbia

Profession / Fine Art

I'm currently located in Serbia, Novi Sad. I was born and raised in a small town called Svilajnac. From there I moved in order to pursue my collage diploma. I'm now studying for a Masters degree in Fine Art, at The Academy of Arts.
So far I have participated in a few group exhibitions, one of them being international. It was a cooperation between the Academy of Arts, Novi Sad, Chung-Ang University in Seul, and the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décofatifs, Strasbourg. Which resulted in three synchronized exhibitions.


Summertime sadness

My work is based on a very personal story. In my drawings and paintings I mostly capture childhood moments. My early works are inspired by photographs of my brother and me. They depict children in various situations, who are going by their own way, and are not there to pose for the viewer. The basic idea is to evoke a certain feeling that people have when they reminisce about their childhood.


A series of watercolors on wood plates.
Depicting some of the items from my childhood.