Lorenzo Monegato Artist


Location: Italy

My name is Lorenzo Monegato, I'm 40 years old, born and living in Italy.
I am an emerging self-taught painter, I have attended painting schools and academies of art to communicate freely and make my painting in a personal way and following my pictorial ideas.
I want to convey through my art passion , talent and emotions that the work itself forward it to the people who will look at my work.
My style is characterized by precise and continuous forms, with clean colors and live worked with gradients, at the same time I like to add a touch of old to my paintings, trying to hone my style as I create new jobs, is a ' evolution, an experience that matures over time and gives new impetus to my artistic work.
In the past I have always worked as a hobby on media cardboard with colours water , then move to the beginning of 2013 to work on the canvas with oil paints in a more serious manner , beginning to take part in competitions and exhibitions.
I show in Italy, Europe and USA




All works at my website:

Girl with pearls “Girl with pearls”

Oil on canvas - 40x50 cm

Girl with a red turban “Girl with a red turban”

Oil on canvas - 50x70 cm

The Girls “The Girls”

Oil on canvas - 70x100 cm

Fatal Girl “Fatal Girl”

Oil on canvas - cm 70x100

Gilda “Gilda”

Oil on canvas - cm 50x70

Detective “Detective”

Oil on canvas - cm 50x70

Lovers “Lovers”

Oil on canvas - cm 70x100

Girl with dove “Girl with dove”

Oil on canvas - cm 50x70