Gill Nicholas

Gill Nicholas is a fantasy, surrealist, magical realist artist who captures reality using emotions, dreams, observation and imagination. more work can be found at


Gill Nicholas Delusions

These paintings look at the reality hidden behind observed reality. Costume, masks and theatre are explored with links to how we use these to enhance or cover our own selves.

Choice “Choice”

A diptych exploring the choices we make and how people perceive us because of them.
Acrylic on canvas
each canvas 100cm by 150cm

Control “Control”

A piece about who is in control and the illusion of control.
acrylic on canvas
100cm by 150cm

Moth to a flame “Moth to a flame”

This explores female empowerment. It is inspired by the burlesque dancer Lady Wildflower. It shows how we can determine how we are percieved and how we should choose our own dance.

New Year 2021 “New Year 2021”

This large painting captures new year of 2021 with the UK leaving The European Union and the announcement of the discovery of the Covid 19 vaccine.
10ft by 6ft acrylic on canvas.

Hiding “Hiding”

This shows how feelings can be changed through image rather than reality.
Acrylic on canvas
80cm by 70cm

Fractured Illusions “Fractured Illusions”

When we look in a mirror what we first see may not be what is hiding inside.
Acrylic on canvas
80cm by 70cm