A visual artist

I am MARANI. I was born in Baghdad, Iraq and I am a graduate of the University of Economics , hold BA in fine art and BA in internal design . I am widow and have one boy. I immigrated with him to UAE before 16 years ago, but work keeps us coming back to AD.
My art is a mix of self-taught and art education. In my work I like to interpret the ideas that I have about myself and the world I live in. I do not limit myself to one medium, style, or concept. Each piece I paint is from the past where I have come from as well as a preview of the future.
I have always loved using my imagination and my senses which are expressed, through my colorful paintings. Sometimes I depict my characters faceless or with vague features because I believe that everyone is a closed book and there is a hidden side in each person which can not been seen by others until exposed, which I leave its interpretation to the viewer.
I believe women are half the community and they should be represented in every part of life. I paint them as tall as a palm tree to indicate their glory and generosity.My main advice to new aspiring artists is to always express one’s self, and keep in mind every person has his own taste in art and always be positive and always seek improvement. ?