Location: Canada

Casey Vormer, a.k.a. Remrov, is an autistic savant and self-taught artist who makes realistic pencil drawings of everything he finds interesting, mainly animals. Because of his autism he sees the whole world in tiny little details. His drawings tend to be this way too, very precise and detailed. Besides being an artists Remrov also devotes his time on raising awareness and understanding about autism. Last year he started making videos in which he shares his experiences as an autistic person and in which he talks about many different topics related to autism. His goal with these videos is to help other people with autism and their families and to build a bridge in between the autistic and neurotypical worlds and he hopes to be a voice for non-verbal autistic people.


Realistic Pencil Drawings

Here you can see a few examples of my artwork. Most of them are pencil drawing, but the ones of the trees are made with a pen.

Chillin' Tiger “Chillin' Tiger”

Realistic coloured pencil drawing of a tiger

Lion King “Lion King”

Realistic pencil drawing of a lion

Rhino “Rhino”

Realistic pencil drawing of a rhino

Chameleon “Chameleon”

Realistic coloured pencil drawing of a chameleon