Dr. Diane M. Kline

Dr. Diane Kline has painted all her life. Encouraged by a family of artists including her mother and Grandfather her art transcends style and comes to life in beautiful and unique expressions of her mood at the time her brush meets the canvas.

Gathering inspiration from watching a sunset, collecting recycled items or looking at a pair of sneakers in cool green, blue and white, her work invites the viewer to experience life and the environment to its fullest.

With work on display from Los Angeles to New York, her work was recently juried into the prestigious Agora Gallery, New York City in February and July 2013, and the Palm Springs Art Museum, 2011. Recently twenty of her works were on display at Art in Public Places, the Cello Bistro on Date Palm, Cathedral City, CA.

Committed to giving back to the community, Diane currently serves on the Artist Council, Palm Springs Art Museum, and recently Palm Springs Women in Film and Television. Diane has been a juror for the well-known Southwest Art Festival for several years. When she is not working in her Studio, she enjoys listening to jazz, going to the theater and gardening.

Her works include acrylic paint on canvas, abstract art, mixed media and photography.


Degrees of Abstraction

An unusually wide variety of colors and textures can be seen in Dr. Diane M. Kline’s paintings. “I want people to feel an emotional response,” Kline says, “to be drawn into the painting by the movement of color and design.” The feeling of motion in her images comes from her dynamic sense of composition and the palpable energy with which she places paint on the canvas. Paint may be dripped, swirled or applied with broad brushstrokes. Yet that energy is tempered by a fine sense of control. The movement of a drip of paint across the canvas in one image will be as precisely executed as a meticulously rendered dragon snaking through another.

Kline’s color sense is as distinctive as her designs. Working with a palette that runs from whites and subdued earth tones to metallic shades, she balances shades off of one another with the kind of control that is evidenced in her compositions. She also mixes textures, using a range of materials, from acrylics to metallic paints and from recycled rocks to paper, sometimes achieving a near three-dimensional effect through the layering of those materials. The result of all the contrasts is a surprisingly harmonious one that fully achieves Kline’s goal of inviting the viewer in.

The artist lives and works in Palm Desert, California.


I have a new website: dianeklineart.com.