Location: France

"The works of Sophie Bassot testify undoubtedly an assertive modernity and uncontrolled excitement of the artist face to its production."
Sophie must meet . His paintings worth seeing . This is an artist at heart and is a painter in the line. A fiery temperament , a disconcerting ability. Sophie takes you , as I say, you capture. Her life vibrates in a workshop that is all at once , space creation , reflection , relaxation and conviviality . An exciting universe open to nature , where paintings , pigments, coatings and other mixtures jostle .

The artist expresses it fully , eagerly , the magic of emotions operates, the flow of color spreads , sometimes smooth and quiet , sometimes overflowing and fast random matter and light.

These incessant dialogues born universes filled with emotions. The gesture is released , powerful, sweet, directed free . Concentrated eye, euphoric , courses, course , throwing light and shadows , orchestrating the relentless work in progress .

The result is to go , his paintings invite here and there in the public arena of arts and culture.



LANDSCAPES is in line with the GREEN series. Through a broad pallette, these large format challenge our most theoretical view what sense, and invite us to immerse our gaze away, towards horizons that are intense, often soothed, sometimes enigmatic.