Alessandro Piras

Alessandro Piras

Location: Italy

Born in Rimini, Italy I work as an illustrator and graphic designer since 1988. My activity as a painter, concerns mostly with sports, portraits and photorealism.
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Sport and Run

These paintings are made mostly with acrylic colors and or oil on canvas or on wooden board.

Almost touchdown “Almost touchdown”

American footbal players. Acrylic on board, cm 84x62

Black belts “Black belts”

Taekwondo fight on a red background. Acrylic on board, cm 84x62

Kayak on green “Kayak on green”

Acrylic painting on board. cm 50x60

Bikers on red “Bikers on red”

Acrylic painting on board. cm 84x62

Horses on red “Horses on red”

Acrylic drawing on paper. cm 68x48

Swimmers “Swimmers”

Acrylic on board. cm 84x62

Ghost runners “Ghost runners”

Acrylic and oil on board, cm 127x75

Into the blue “Into the blue”

Acrylic on canvas, cm 65x105

Canoista “Canoista”

Acrylic on canvas, cm 78x105

Horse race “Horse race”

Acrylic on board, cm 84x50

Jockey and horse “Jockey and horse”

Watercolor on paper, cm 30x40