Eunice Perkins



Dream Weaver “Dream Weaver”

The confusion that seems to characterize dreams.

Nasturtiums “Nasturtiums”

Found growing on a hedge.

Peeping Through “Peeping Through ”

A Kakanui bach , North Otago, New Zealand.

My Mother “My Mother”


Maree “Maree”

My daughter aged two, done in pencil.

My Home “My Home”

Acrylic on wood.

Sprig. “Sprig.”


South Canterbury View “South Canterbury View”

Near Waimate, New Zealand. Watercolour

Guitar Man “Guitar Man”

My son. Watercolour

Back Street, Thames “Back Street, Thames”

Watercolour. Coromandel, North Island, New Zealand.

From Paekakariki “From Paekakariki”

Near Wellington, New Zealand. Acrylic on paper

House and Garden “House and Garden”

Acrylic on canvas

Lilies “Lilies”


Near Keao “Near Keao”

Watercolour. Old farm house. Northland.

Old Barn, Northland “Old Barn, Northland”

Watercolour. Hedge Road, Waiparora

Our Shed “Our Shed”

Waimate, South Canterbury. Watercolour.

Pahi Hall “Pahi Hall”

Watercolour. Northland, New Zealand.

Silvereye “Silvereye”

Acrylic on paper.

Te Ngaire Bay “Te Ngaire Bay”

Northland, New Zealand. Watercolour

The Box, Waimate. “The Box, Waimate.”

Watercolour. South Canterbury, New Zealand

The Strid “The Strid”

Yorkshire, England. Acrylic