Kerstin Sokoll

Kerstin Sokoll

Location: Germany

The Artist

Artist Kerstin Sokoll found her way to art after studying when she was starting out her career as event planner. The emotional-creative process is centre of her artistic creations.

In 2019, her artworks get honoured in various ways:
Her series ‘(not) far away’ gets exposed at the Anima Mundi – Itsliquid International Art Festival, which takes places in occasion of the 58th Biennale in Venice, Italy. The artworks are part of the expositions “Consciousness” at Palazzo Ca’Zanardi as well as “Visions” at THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space.

Moreover her artworks were shown in the Galleria De Marchi/Bologna (Italy) in 2019.

In July 2019, two of her pieces are honoured with an award in the categories Special Merit and Special Recognition at the Primary Colors Art Exhibition (CA).

Moreover, her artistic creation receives recognition by being affiliated in the art magazine Curatorial Volume 1, Leaders in Contemporary Art (Capsules Book, Melbourne/Australia, 2019,ISBN: 978-1-925968-03-3).

In the 31th art exhibition in Stuttgart (Germany) she won third place in the category ‘acrylic’.

Art as emotion of the unique

Art as emotion of the unique. This is the message which Kerstin Sokoll wants to convey with her art. Using expressive colour power in combination with energetic completion, her artwork touches people from within. Her work is an expression of explosive determination and complex calculation.

Kerstin Sokoll works with classic means of painting, acrylic on canvas. Making use of the mixed-media-technique she creates two-dimensional sculptures. The cellular structure of the surface of her paintings here plays an important part. In this way, she creates beguiling underwater worlds, exotic landscapes or fantasy worlds which remind the beholder of oscillating galaxies.

instagram: arts_by_sokoll


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