Dr Vimmie Manoj

Dr Vimmie Manoj

Location: India

Profile: Academician, Poet, Painter and Sculpture

Dr Vimmie Manoj is a freelance artist with a global exposure. She has passionately pursued art & experimentally explored driftwood sculpture and paintings.
Her paintings in oil and acrylic are an ode to life and are fused with symbols that reflect the cacophonous and the content Human emotions. She creates a sort of visual poetry through her paintings that are semi abstract i.e. fusion of figurative and abstract. The mystical effect created with choice of colours, forms and textures maintains the sense of proportion and harmony. The abrupt use of knife and brush imparts the uncertain predicaments. The portraits and landscapes are not reflections of some particular person or place but convey her individual philosophical assessment. The reflection of her acclaimed academic research in regional literature and gender studies can be seen in her arts.
Painting for her is a connecting ladder to reach the SELF- the conscious with the subconscious. It thus is a mode of communicating the unsaid.
Her creations are part of private collections in India and abroad.

Date of Birth: 27 October, 1968

Qualifications: B.Sc.,M.A. and Ph.D in English literature, M.B.A.



Dreams...I dare to dream
From shallow waters to a space in galaxy...
Out of frame from doors latched...
A free mind galloping in the wild...
I dare to dream!!

Acrylic on Canvas