Maria De La Luz Fraschini

Maria de la Luz Fraschini

Location: Uruguay

María de la Luz was born in Montevideo on October 19th of 1979. She is the third daughter in a family of twelve. In her childhood, she discovered her will of expressing herself through art and her vocation was already clear at the age of seven.

She always says that her father was her first great critic and her family the biggest support to develop her innate artistic talent.

María de la Luz attended art workshops from different masters of art in which she settled her conditions for plastic arts. In 1992 she entered Norman Bottrill´s studio, who introduced her in portrait painting. In 1995, she studied at Clever Lara's studio, where she improved her self-taught watercolor technique. In 1998 she began to study Architecture and one year later started the Degree in Graphic Design. Without leaving her passion for painting, in 1999 María de la Luz continued her formation with Enrique Badaró Nadal, a widely recognized plastic artist, who was her master in the technique of acrylics.

Encouraged by her family, she puts in place her first personal artshow of figurative art in 2005, in "Sacramento Open Bar". She also began to develop skills in professional photography and participated with great success in a local contest, where two of her pictures were selected among thousands.

In the latest years, life leaded her to confront a disease which she succeeded in overcoming thanks to her family and to the possibility of channeling her suffering through art. In those times, her art experienced a transformation, resulting in new techniques and compositions which transmit life and all its nuances.

In May 2012, she presented her second personal artshow called Pulso at Aguada Park. This show not only reflects her professional growth and the mastering of diverse techniques and styles, but also captures by abstract creations her skills as an artist during the path of her last ten years.

In September 2012, she was invited to participate in the First ArtExpo of the Americas, an artshow that took place in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, where more than one hundred artists from all the continent took part. Maria de la Luz created "Sureño" and was awarded with the Golden Medal.

With her international career on track, her works were accepted to participate in the most important art event of the year in New York, the “NY ArtExpo 2013”, where she achieved great success.

In December 2013, she showed her work at “Spectrum Miami”, during the famous Miami Art Week. Her work was highly appreciated and her particular style brought the attention of many critics.

In January 2014, María de la Luz was invited to show her work at the Sunset Fashion Art, Punta del Este-Uruguay.

During 2014 María de la Luz donated a painting to ReachingU Foundation, which was auctioned to raise funds for helping children in need. She also donated another painting to Fospe Children and Education Foundation in Miami.

Finally, María de la Luz had great success while showing her work during Spectrum Miami 2014, which took part of the famous art week in Miami (Art Basel).


Marine Breeze Serie

This serie was inspired by marine landscapes and the feeling the breeze from the seas. Each painting is 40x40cms (101.6 inches), and the technique involves acrylic and oil on canvas.