Pam Buffery

Art is a passion of mine and for many years I have just admired it and doodled on the sidelines. A few years ago I moved across the planet to New Zealand, which is a place of dramatic and diverse landscapes. Inspiration struck and I picked up a paint brush, which hasn’t been put down since!

Landscapes, mountains, bodies of water, light and flight are incredibly joyful to paint. I try hard to capture how I see my beautiful home on canvas. Some of these pictures are whimsical in nature, you have been warned!

I also enjoy painting in different styles you can see some examples of this around my portfolios.

Media: canvas, board, oils, ink and paper.

I hope you enjoy wondering around my portfolios and looking at the paintings and pictures as much as I did doing them. Feel free to contact me about anythingin them.

All images are the property of Pam Buffery and cannot be used without permission



I love painting landscapes and creating an image of how I see the beautiful places in the world

Ben Ohau “Ben Ohau”

Ben Ohau in the Ohau range in the central south island of New Zealand. Oils.

Callanish standing stones “Callanish standing stones”

The Callanish standing stones on the Isle of Lewis. Oils

Lake Tekapo “Lake Tekapo”

The Church of the Good Shephard on the shore of Lake Tekapo. Oils

Mystic Kaikoura “Mystic Kaikoura”

Kaikoura moutain range with a typical Nor'wester sky. Oils

Ohau reflections “Ohau reflections”

Ohau moutain range. Oils

Taylors at dawn “Taylors at dawn”

Taylors Mistake at dawn - surfs up! Oils


Birds are such characters, I love to paint them and create a dialogue between them and myself as I paint them.

A tui moment “A tui moment”

A tui perched on a twig just about to take flighte. Oils

Two tui flax “Two tui flax”

Two tuis perched on a flax flower. Oils

Box of birds “Box of birds”

A flax box full of New Zealand birds! Oils

Conference at cave rock “Conference at cave rock”

Seagulls flying in to land at Cave Rock on Sumner beach. Oils

Kakapo family “Kakapo family”

A family of kakapos. Oils

Looking at you - kea “Looking at you - kea”

A kea - looking at you! Oils

On the rocks “On the rocks”

This kea was about to swipe my lunch after hiking up to the Rob Roya glacier, insetad he got immortalised in paint. Oils

Pukeko and chick “Pukeko and chick”

A mother pukeko and her chick. Oils

The three pukekos “The three pukekos”

The title says it all, a trio of pukekos. Oils

Looking at you - tui “Looking at you - tui”

A tui - looking at you! Oils

Waxeye pohutukawa “Waxeye pohutukawa”

A little waxeye perched on a pohutukawa branch (New Zealand Christmas tree). Oils

People, fantasy and abstract

A portfolio of portraits, abstracts and other assorted work,

Gaia sleeping “Gaia sleeping”

Mother earth asleep and surrounded by creation. Oils

Gravity “Gravity”

Three feathers falling under the influence of...gravity. Oils

James “James”

James! Oils

Memories and dreams “Memories and dreams”

I'm the hawk that flies over a mindscape of memories and dreams. Oils

The Muse “The Muse”

My muse inspires me, it's time she had one of her very own. Mixed media