Engelbrecht-karasinski Caren

Engelbrecht-Karasinski  Caren

Location: Australia

March 8th 2014...
Planning on relocating to europe middle to late 2015...firstly to the Netherlands where I will be setting/investigating some Canal Art Tours...then to Poland to catch up with my relatives.
also planning on visiting the Ryksmuseum which has just recently re-opened after 10 years of restructuring...this meant that last year on my visit to Amsterdam I was unable to attend.

After going to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam I have a renewed awe of Vincent , ....although most of his famous pieces are in other galleries around the world..there are a couple of really nice ones in the museum..I had attended an exhibition in Melbourne in 1993 which also had a some fine pieces... but recently I have seen a lot of his work on Youtube...and these are truly stunning works..my affinity with Vincent is that I was born in Tilburg-The Netherlands...where he attended a boarding school 1877 approx...this school originally a palace , then boarding school is now being used as the town hall...The City has just recently opened up a special 'classroom' in the Stadhuis..similar to the one Vincent would have attended..as a 14 year old.

My own inspiration to pursue art has come from a constant nagging obsession that I have to put something on canvas or paper....when I see paints and canvases my eyes glaze over....aaah..
when as an 8 year old attending the convent in country West Australia, the nuns singled me out to do paintings for them...I painted my first oil painting at age 8...and laughingly tell anyone prepared to listen... that I paid my own way through primary school...

I am currently working on turning some of my major pieces into Limited Edition Giclees...these will be in the size range of 36"x24"/24"x36" L&P 48"x36"/36"x48" L&P....

my europe tours plan is to spend 5-8 months of each year in europe...3-4 months in say south of France..., and Italy, next Spain and the Greek Islands...so I can spend time doing solid works...as well as gaining an insight into the local culture..

my new website is not yet set up... http://www.carenenglebrecht.com however my current website is available for viewing before being transferred to its new home...
please do send me an email if you have any questions..

I am happy to discuss your commissions... caren@carenengelbrecht.com


Caren Engelbrecht-Karasinski

Caren Engelbrecht-Karasinski this is a small collection of my work...to fully appreciate my diversity please go to my website..http://www.carenengelbrecht.maitreyax.com
I have 7 Galleries...which includes Photography and Silver jewelery as well as ceramics... thank you for taking the time view my works..If I can be of any assistance please don't hesitate to email me...

Paris in the Rain “Paris in the Rain”

Paris in the Rain

Ginger Jar and Flowers “Ginger Jar and Flowers”

Ginger Jar and Flowers

Tuscany from My Window Still Life “Tuscany from My Window Still Life”

Tuscany from My Window Still Life

Impression-Lace “Impression-Lace”