Barb Colombo

The desire to capture the tiniest moments that beat across the human condition cannot be stopped.
Whether it’s a mother’s embrace, a bride’s blush, a groom’s tears, or a yoga practitioner gliding into the perfect backbend, the world begs to be captured by my camera. The woman’s connection to her sisters, the blade of grass weeping with rain, or the community of a land, they all call to me to be
recorded, remembered, felt. It is my hope that you feel or see things you may have overlooked before only to see them again through these perspectives.

My interests in recording my experiences through photography and digging in the dirt started as a teenager in suburban New York. After twenty five years of pursuing both of these passions, photography and gardening, unexpected events brought them together in unexpected ways.
While tending these plants in the gardens in which they live, I witnessed new life emerging after the dormant winter; an explosion of green and color and new beginnings and possibilities. Feeling a deep connection to these plants after years of caring for them, I took belly to earth, lens to plant, and selectively focused on the brilliance of this new life in the months of Spring. These are intimate images of the merging of technology and nature and, for myself they evoke an opening of my eyes and my heart in new ways each and every time.