Petr Nikl

Professional photographer Petr Nikl (born 15.01.1964 in Litom??ice)

Prague’s famous photographer has a perfect sense of photographic view. His sensitive photographic seeing creates magnificent and unusual images that can raise in observer various emotions and feelings. Evidence of his success is a series of individual and collective exhibitions, such as in Prague, Ústí nad Labem M?lník, Brussels, Chicago or Paris. His career began in the eighties of the last century after graduating from high school of photography in D??ín - then under the Fotografie in Liberec. He attends mainly to studio photos all the time. In 1988 he started to work as a photographer in the Filmové studia Barrandov in Prague. Since the year 1995 he works as a photographer “on the loose”. Currently he also teaches photography at the School of Graphic Arts EDUCAT in Prague. (EDUCAT - School of Visual Communication).


Petr Nikl photography

Professional photographer Petr Nikl, lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic.
He deals with advertising, art and reportage photography. Lectures at Institute of Graphic EDUCAT PRAGUE.
Options photo studio:
• Exterior and interior photography (mobile light park)
• Processing of commercial and art photography
• Reportage and wedding photography
• Nude photos and portraits
• Product photography
• Still Life Art
• Food styling
• Professional editing and retouching photographs

Leaf “Leaf”

Dried Leaf - Petr Nikl fotograf Praha

Prague “Prague”

My view of the city- Petr Nikl fotograf Praha

Forest Fairy “Forest Fairy”

Forest Fairy - montage- - Petr Nikl fotograf Praha

Butterfly “Butterfly”

Butterfly - Petr Nikl fotograf Praha

Lantern “Lantern”

Lantern - - Petr Nikl fotograf Praha

Wine “Wine”

Wine - - Petr Nikl fotograf Praha

Zizkov “Zizkov”

Zizkov (Prague) - - Petr Nikl fotograf Praha

Prague “Prague”

Prague - Graphic - Petr Nikl fotograf Praha

Lying Tiger “Lying Tiger”

Lying Tiger - Petr Nikl fotograf Praha - Safari Dvur Kralove

Akty “Akty”

Akty foto Praha - Petr Nikl fotograf Praha