Eugenya Zinger

Eugenya Zinger was born in Leningrad (Sankt Peterburg). First 30 years of her life was spent in Soviet Union. She graduated Leningrad Technological Institute with diploma of chemical engineer; she received MA in analytical chemistry. She emigrated first to Canada and then eighteen years later to America, and has been pursuing successful engineering career in both countries. While working as a professional, she always sought opportunities to paint.
Living in Leningrad she has became passionate about art from early age. Her desire to study art and painting was greatly influenced by collections of the Hermitage and Russian Museum. During her youth she studied painting at prestigious schools of Leningrad.
Her pictures are notable for their refreshing simplicity, vigorous treatment, and pleasing color.
Her work is characterized by a mix of strong lines and soft palettes; most of her paintings feature her romantic vision of the world. Her works has been featured in show venues and in private collections throughout Canada, London, New York and Seattle. She is a member of La Jolla Art Association and San Diego Portrait Society.
Her medium is primarily in oils and her style is very meticulous. Eugenya feels that painting same as her poetry comes from the soul, so in each of her pieces there’s a little part of her.
Artist Statement
Painting is so poetic. The whole idea of my art is to say things visually that I couldn’t say any other way, things I had no words for.
“Painting is silent poetry”- Plutarch, Moralia


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