Nataly Kenny

I am an artist living in London. I was born in Yerevan, Armenia. In 2001, I immigrated to England. After my early retirement, I had more time to spend on my art creation.
My preferred style of painting is impressionism and my favourite medium is oil, but I also like painting in acrylics, gouache and soft pastels. I am fascinated by light and shadow interplay. I love painting lanscape, portrait and figure.
My art brings me joy, harmony and hope. I admire artists like Monet, Dega, Van Gogh, Sorolla, Sargent and Zorn.
I hope my artworks are as healing for the viewer as they are to me.



Oil on canvas paper, 12"X12 ", 2023

Peace “Peace”

Oil on canvas paper, 12"X12 ", 2023

Innocence “Innocence ”

Acrylics on mixed media paper, 12"X12 ", 2023

My roots “My roots ”

Oil on canvas, 12"x12 ", 2023

Joy “Joy”

Oil on paper, 9"x12 ", 2023

Golden hour “Golden hour”

Oil on paper, 9"x12 ", 2023

Mother's day “Mother's day ”

Oil on paper, 9"x12 ", 2023

Hope “Hope”

This is my impression of a scene in Fuerteventura that reminded me that the human being cannot do or achieve anything without hope.
Oil on canvas, 8"x10 ", 2023

Crying Daffodils- impression “Crying Daffodils- impression ”

Oil on canvas panel, 12"X12 ", 2024.

Winter love “Winter love ”

Oil on paper, 11"x14"

Juicy lemons “Juicy lemons ”

Soft pastels on pastelmat, 10"X12 "

Sunflowers- impression “Sunflowers- impression”

Oil on canvas, 14"x18 ", 2024.

Abandoned castle “Abandoned castle ”

Oil on canvas panel, 14"x18", 2024.

Spring Rose “Spring Rose”

Oil on canvas panel, 12"×16", 2024.

Waves of emotions “Waves of emotions ”

Oil on paper, 7"×9", 2024.

Happy waterfall “Happy waterfall”

Oil on paper, 8"×11", 2022.

Magic forest “Magic forest ”

This is my favourite part of London. I feel lucky and grateful to be surrounded by this beauty!

Old village pond “Old village pond ”

Bulgarian series. Ecology of the eye, wherever you look in Bulgaria it is an amazing beauty around!

A Horse farm “A Horse farm ”

Bulgarian series.

Poppies season “Poppies season ”

Bulgarian series.