Ivan Iliev

Ivan Iliev

Location: Austria

Ivan Iliev
Artist, graduated in painting and graphics

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Burgas, Bulgaria

Study at the academy of arts in Sofia
Painting and graphics, book illustration and layout

Free-lance artist in Sofia Bulgaria
Activities in different art areas: painting, graphics, architecture, design, illustration, layout
Participation in numerous group exhibitions, three one-man shows.

Artistic editor-in-chief of the publishing house Zemisdat, Sofia

Since 1990
Free-lance artist in Vienna
Member of BVÖ, the professional association of educating artists of Austria
Künstlerportrait aired on Austrian National TV
Numerous group and single exhibitions, among others; Palais Wittgenstein, Podersdorf am See, Station 3 (BVÖ), Festsaal TU Vienna, BAWAG Fondation, Wiener Festwochen, Weikendorf, Mödling's Sala Terena, Wiener Neustadt's Stadtmuseum, Istanbul, Sofia: art in the public area, Wiener Neudorf's Altes Rathaus, Gallery Prisma Vienna, Gallery Avatar Vienna.
Silver Award Winner of the "ShowArtist" Emerging Artist Discovery Prize Fine Art Competition 2012.
Affinita e Contrasti 4 -San Dona di Piave Venezia 2013.
Dreams CA 'ZANARDI Venezia 2013

3rd prize at the "2013 International Art Contest" competition, Australia.
Special Certificate of Recognition for participation in the 4th art contest on Artavita.com. 2013.
Participation in the Parallax Art Fair at Chelsea Town Hall London February 2013.
Expo Bologna 2014 Galleria Wikiarte.
Winner Artist at ARTPROTAONIST 2014 Treviso.
Artistic Confessions Hamburg 2014.
Wrap World WebArt Prize, Cremona 2015- Atestato di merito.
6x6, Gallery All'Angolo Mendrisio Shwitzerland 2015.
CCBA Milano Art Contest 2016.
Wasserwelten-der Kunstraum Gallery Wien Austria 2017.
The ARTBOX PROJECT Basel 1.0 2017.
XVII Gran Premio di Citta di Savona, Inspirati dalla Musica,Certificato di merito artistico, 2017.
The ARTBOX PROJECT New York 1.0 2018.
Arte Fiera Dolomiti 2018.
Atristi in Confronto-ARTime Gallery Udine Italy 2018.
Fomenar 2017, Art Nou Milleni Gallery Barcelona 2018.
Tensioni Estetiche e Moti di Spirito, Arte Borgo Gallery Roma Italy 2018.


My Portfolio

Still Life “Still Life”

Still Life; 50/60; Oil on Plywood; 2011

Emmaus “Emmaus”

Emmaus; 50/65; Oil on Plywood; 2012

Dafne “Dafne”

Oil on Plywood, 75/55, 2015.

Still Life with two Pomegranartes “Still Life with two Pomegranartes”

50/60, Oil on canvas, 2018.

Autumn Leaves “Autumn Leaves”

Oil. 50/64, 2017.