Mafatime Dione

My name is Mafatime Dione.

I was in Senegal, just in Thies, 70 km from the capital Dakar removed, born on 27/09/1992. I'm an artist and am moving with my colors, my sculpture, sculptures, poems and my music in many areas of art.

An idea of ??art I got a relatively early stage, especially for painting, as some members of my family as well make paintings and other types of art. My father realized that I began to develop the gift. This ability of creativity, put me in a position to make long creative objects and drawings throughout the day.

This was the reason why I after my three-year degree in IT - administrator, began to interest me very much for the artists in art history. Each of them Leonardo da Vinci, Modigliani, Picasso, Goya, and many more inspired me. After I had, however, informed me in detail the works of Van Gogh, I began to work his style.

Something inside me urged me to my own style to develop. So I let myself even further today inspired by masters of painting that arise as the works but show my very own character.

At the invitation of the gallery Fair from Willstaett, Traude Fuchs and Andreas Schubert, I stayed now almost 3 weeks in Germany. A time will I never be forgotten. Both showed me how to make their own works. Traude fox painted many of her works realistically, in bright warm colors mostly in acrylic. Andreas Schubert painted in water-miscible oil paints realistic works.

Traude and Andrew, as well as a visit to another known artist, gave me many interesting painting techniques and ideas.
It emerged during this period in Germany 14 new works.

Comment by Traude Fuchs:

Maf, the signature of his work is very committed and socially. Together with friends from Thies he painted drab walls of a kindergarten or leads interested children and adolescents in art zoom.
He is also very active with his group for environmental protection.

More about me and my works:


New artworks

These works were written during my stay in Germany. Two artists had to spend invited me some time with them.

Colors of me “Colors of me ”

70 x 50 cm, Acryl - Mix on canvas. Price on request

Leaves in the wind “Leaves in the wind”

50 x 60 cm, Acryl on canvas

African jungl “African jungl”

50 x 60 cm, Acryl - Mix on canvas

For motherday “For motherday ”

private property

Africa cries “Africa cries”

60 x 60 cm, Acryl on canvas

African woman “African woman ”

100 x 70 cm, Acryl on canvas

Love train “Love train ”

Property from "The love TRAIN" project

OT 14.5.14 “OT 14.5.14”

50 x 70 cm, Acryl on canvas

Works 2015

During my 3-month stay in Germany, created entirely new images. In acrylic - painting, in Acry - Spray technology. The combination of both techniques led me to entirely new display options.